FAR Better Together

Who We Are

FAR Better Together (FBT) formed in February 2020 as a result of the first Shamokin Revitalization workshop under our parent organization FAR (Faith Alliance for Revitalization).  Our goal is to bring together divergent groups, including youth, to achieve common community goals. FBT is in the process of applying for a variety of grants to further its mission of dignity, respect and inclusion and would love for you to be involved!

You can find us at our public meetings at the Franciscan Center, follow us on Facebook, or contact us by email!

MEETINGS: Every three weeks – Tuesdays– 6 pm at the Franciscan Center.

CONTACT: Susan Vanaskie Ward, President: smvanaskieward52@outlook.com

Mission statement:

“Enhancing relationships, building community fostering human dignity and respect.” 

What We've Been Doing

To date FAR Better Together has created, published and distributed a first of its kind “Welcome

to Shamokin” booklet that contains a wealth of information for new and long time residents of

the greater Shamokin area. FBT has sponsored several free swims at the Shamokin City Pool,

which have included free picnics for participants. We have also instituted a “Pay It Forward”

account with the City pool so that youth who cannot afford admission may be able to cool off

on hot summer days. FBT has organized and sponsored a Fifth Ward clean up and was a co-

sponsor of the first annual Fifth Ward Block Party which helped to raise money for another non-

profit, Shamokin Community Cupboard, a no questions asked food bank in the Fifth Ward, a

severely economically depressed area of the City.