Shamokin Community Rebuilding Action Plan

Goals & Schedules


The City of Shamokin, business owners, faith based groups, community organizations, and people of good will have joined together to build on Shamokin's strengths and assets. Join your neighbors and colleagues to hear updates and share your thoughts concerning our six goals (listed below) and their action plans. For more information contact

Our ACTION PLAN has Six Goals:

Goal 1 - Attract and support the development of new businesses and support job creation activities/programs and new businesses. Contact Betsy Kramer at

Goal 2 - Bring citizens together to work towards a common goal of increasing pride and ownership in our community. Contact Jen Sidel at

Goal 3 - Foster and nurture productive partnerships. Contact Gail Zailer at

Goal 4 - Redevelop/demolish/rehabilitate/cleanup blighted commercial and residential properties throughout the city. Contact Kathy Vetovich at

Goal 5 - Enhance relationships, building communities fostering human dignity and respect. Contact Friar Rich Rome at

Goal 6 - Making Shamokin healthy, green, and clean now and tomorrow. Contact Major Tammy Hench at

Community Rebuilding Action Plan Overview and Detailed Report

Overview - Shamokin Community Rebuilding Action Plan - Draft 5-27-2020.pdf
Shamokin Community Rebuilding Workshop Action Plan - Working Draft 5-27-2020 v2.pdf