Shamokin Community Rebuilding Action Plan

Goals & Schedules


The City of Shamokin, business owners, faith based groups, community organizations, and people of good-will have joined together to build on Shamokin's strengths and assets. We met in 2020 for a Rebuilding our Communities Workshop and have come back together to meet again in February 2023 to revisit all of the great things that have happened over the past three years.

Our Four Community Driven Goals:

We condensed our six goals from 2020 into four cohesive goals. Each goal now has a goal group that meets regularly for implementation. You are all invited to join these groups and learn more! Feel free to email the contact person below to learn when and where the group meets. Hope to see you there!

Goal 1 - Improve Economy: Support new businesses, jobs and improve overall economy of City, neighborhoods, and surrounding areas.

Group Name: TIE (Team to Improve Economy)

Contact Info: Erik Anderson- 

Description: Collection of politicians, citizens, and business owners looking at ways of removing red tape and  streamlining processes to encourage more businesses to move into the city.

Goal 2 - Increase Hope: Increase pride, hope for the future, and involvement of all residents, and youth in the community.

Group Name: HOPE

Contact Info: Mark Stansberry- 

Description: Community of dedicated residents exploring strategies to increase hope in the area. Group meetings usually coincide with Goal Group 3 and FAR Better Together.

Goal 3 - Foster Community: Foster and nurture community-based organizations and community partnerships to advance community priorities and revitalization.

Contact Info: Susan Ward-

Description: Meets with regularly with FAR Better Together.  Our goal is to bring together divergent groups, including youth, to achieve common community goals.

Goal 4 - Enhance Sustainability: Enhance community resiliency, sustainability, and environmental/public health improvements

Group Name: Grow Shamokin

Contact Info: Steve Motyka- OR 

Description: Collection of residents working towards creating community around sustainability, have members from various environmental organizations, and are excited to be working towards priorities of: reuse/recycling/upcycling, community clean-ups, increasing greenspace, watershed health, and foraging. 

Our 2020 ACTION PLAN had Six Goals:

Goal 1 - Attract and support the development of new businesses and support job creation activities/programs and new businesses.

Goal 2 - Bring citizens together to work towards a common goal of increasing pride and ownership in our community. 

Goal 3 - Foster and nurture productive partnerships. 

Goal 4 - Redevelop/demolish/rehabilitate/cleanup blighted commercial and residential properties throughout the city. 

Goal 5 - Enhance relationships, building communities fostering human dignity and respect. 

Goal 6 - Making Shamokin healthy, green, and clean now and tomorrow.

Community Rebuilding Action Plan Overview and Detailed Report

Overview - Shamokin Community Rebuilding Action Plan - Draft 5-27-2020.pdf
Shamokin Community Rebuilding Workshop Action Plan - Working Draft 5-27-2020 v2.pdf

Look out soon for our 2023 Report!