Shamokin Community Gardens and Pocket Parks

Shamokin Community Gardens began in 2018 under the umbrella of FAR, bringing together the city, residents, supportive businesses, state organizations and institutions of higher education.  The purpose of the gardens was for the community to have a place to grow vegetables or flowers to their liking.  The project started with three locations in the city.  Now, regular volunteers from the community now plant and maintain several gardens across Shamokin and Coal Township!

Since our inception, Shamokin Community Gardens has improved the Sunbury Street Pocket Park and Community Garden, undertaken planting and maintenance of Claude Kehler 1 Park, planted and maintained shrubs and trees at Volunteer Park, and planted pollinator and butterfly gardens. Our next goal is opening a Fifth Ward Community Garden!

We are looking for more volunteers and would love to have you join us! 

Please contact us below:

Facebook: @ShamokinCommunityGardens

Vision Statement: 

Shamokin Community Gardens strives to instill pride in our neighborhoods by beautifying public spaces through the efforts of dedicated community volunteers